What are your tuition rates?
Student fees range from $1049-1449 monthly total.

Infant - $1449.00
Wobbler - $1349.00
Toddler - $1249.00
Preschool - $1049.00

Is there an application fee?
No there is not a fee to submit the initial application.

Annual Enrollment Fee
Following official acceptance of your child's spot in a classroom, there is a non-refundable
Annual Enrollment fee of $100.00
that will be paid to True North Learning Academy to hold
the classroom spot for your child/children. This Annual Enrollment fee covers the center’s administrative
costs for processing their application, creating, and maintaining an information file and configuring billing/payments.
Failure to pay fees will result in the childcare spot becoming available to other families.

When is tuition due each month?
Tuition payments are due by the 5th day of each month. Tuition is on a monthly billing cycle.
Your billing statement will be sent on the 1st day of the month being billed.
If a child enrolls at mid-month, their tuition will be pro-rated.

Financial Policies
(The following Financial Policies are as stated in the True North Learning Academy Parent Handbook)

All statements will be invoiced to the parents directly on the 1st day of the month. For those who are receiving some sort of childcare
subsidy from their employer, the state, etc., there will be separate arrangements regarding that part of the payment. Regardless, all
parents are responsible for their portion of the tuition in accordance to the tuition payment section above.

Payments can be made through an electronic payment plan using credit or debit card or a bank account for either a one-time payment or
a recurring payment plan. Please note that electronic payments will have additional fees. Or payments can be made directly to the
support staff in the administration office at True North Learning Academy.

Payment Policy 
First day of the month: Statements are invoiced
5th business day of current month: Payments are due
After the 5th business day: $50 late fee will be added to the account
10th of month: Parent must contact the administrative office to make payment arrangements
End of month: Child will be temporarily suspended until account is current.

Re-Enrollment Process
All accounts must be current in order to re-enroll your child for the next year. If there is a balance owing from the
previous year, your child will not be allowed to start the next year until the balance is paid in full. Any outstanding accounts
not paid will eventually be turned over to a collection agency. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the True
North Learning Academy board prior to re-enrollment.